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PEEK vs PPS: Which Do You Need?

Posted On July 10, 2019

When high-temperature performance is not a major concern, PPS can serve as a viable and economical alternative to PEEK. In this blog post, you will learn how these high performance engineering polymers are similar and where they differ (besides the price).

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Posted in: PEEK, PPS

Polymer Spring-Energized Seals: When Should You Consider Using Hytrel

Posted On May 10, 2019

Hytrel (a DuPont product) is a thermoplastic polyester elastomer, sometimes referred to as TPE, that combines in one product the elasticity of rubber with the strength and performance characteristics of an engineering thermoplastic. It can be found in applications such as: 

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Posted in: Spring-Energized Seals, Hytrel

PTFE Energized Seals: 3 Common Applications

Posted On April 11, 2019

In order to get a good understanding of the potential uses for PTFE energized seals, this blog post will take a look at three specific areas these seals are commonly used:

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Posted in: PTFE Spring-Energized Seals

4 Key Challenges in Cryogenic Seal Design - Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

Posted On March 06, 2019


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Posted in: Cryogenic Seals

2019 EPA Changes to Refrigerants: Seal Material Considerations - Part 2

Posted On February 05, 2019


In our last post on the subject of the 2019 EPA changes to refrigerants, we pointed out that the HVAC and refrigeration industries faced three specific design challenges as traditional refrigerants are phased out starting in 2019: efficiency, chemical compatibility with seals, and reducing leaks. Fortunately, there are seal solutions and polymer materials that can address all three of these issues -- which happens to the topic of this blog post.


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Posted in: HVAC Industry

2019 EPA Changes to Refrigerants: Reasons and Impacts on HVAC Design - Part 1

Posted On December 21, 2018

Between the 1990s and 2010s, society became much more aware of environmental issues, including the ozone layer and climate change. The leakage of refrigerants has been found to contribute to ozone layer damage and unhealthy HFC levels. Because of such issues, there has been a greater drive to develop more environmentally friendly refrigerant options and find new ways to minimize refrigerant leakage.

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Posted in: Polymer Sealing Materials, HVAC Industry

Cryogenic Sealing Challenges: Fluids Near Their Boiling Point

Posted On October 31, 2018

Sealing in a cryogenic environment is hard enough, but when it involves fluids that are being stored or processed near their boiling point, it opens up a whole new set of challenges.

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Posted in: Cryogenic Seals, Labyrinth Seals

Ball Valve Seats for Critical Applications

Posted On October 11, 2018

One of the critical components of a ball valve is its seat material.

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Posted in: Ball Valve Seats and Seals

MRO Applications for Polymer Bushings-Bearings in the Food Processing Industry

Posted On June 22, 2018

Food processing is one of the most heavily regulated industries. The selection of bearings and bushings for the food industry can be tough, especially when it comes to MRO.

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Posted in: Food Industry Polymer Components, Bushings and Bearings

MRO Applications for Spring Energized Seals in the Food Processing Industry

Posted On June 01, 2018

Spring-energized seals can solve quite a few problems for MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) in the food processing industry. Many of the seals used in food processing are mission critical, and a failed seal can cost much more than just repairs and downtime because it can result in contamination.

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Posted in: Food & Dairy Industry, Spring-Energized Seals

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