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PEEK vs PPS: Which Do You Need?

Polymer Spring-Energized Seals: When Should You Consider Using Hytrel

PTFE Energized Seals: 3 Common Applications

4 Key Challenges in Cryogenic Seal Design - Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

2019 EPA Changes to Refrigerants: Seal Material Considerations - Part 2

2019 EPA Changes to Refrigerants: Reasons and Impacts on HVAC Design - Part 1

Cryogenic Sealing Challenges: Fluids Near Their Boiling Point

Ball Valve Seats for Critical Applications

MRO Applications for Polymer Bushings-Bearings in the Food Processing Industry

MRO Applications for Spring Energized Seals in the Food Processing Industry

4 Ways to Improve Polymer Seal Performance

5 Applications for PEEK in the Medical Device Industry

Applications for PEEK in Oil & Gas

4 Processing Methods for PEEK

PEEK is the Go-To Material for Oil & Gas: 6 Reasons Why

Canted Coil Springs for EFI/RFI Shielding Applications

FEA Part III: Generating the Mesh

When to Use PEEK, PTFE or Nylon Backup Rings

Cryogenic Seals for Loading Arms

Finite Element Analysis of Seals, Part 2: Creating the Model

Finite Element Analysis of Seals, Part 1

Factors Influencing Rotary Shaft Seal Performance: Pressure, Velocity, and Temperature

Metal Seals for the Aerospace Industry

Critical Ball Valve Seats: Recommended Materials

Four Fast Facts about PTFE Bellows

Composite Bushings & Bearings: 3 Benefits

Beginner’s Guide to PTFE and PEEK Backup Rings

Metal Seals for the Chemical and Plastics Industries

Spring-Energized Seals - Factors That Influence the Performance: Part 1 - Mating Surface

How to Determine the PV Value in Polymer Sleeve Bearings and Bushings

The 4 Top Performing Polymer Bushings for High Speed Applications

Why PTFE Works Well for Hydraulic Linear Seals

The Challenges of Seals for Steel Forging Hammers

Millable Plastics: Which are Suited to Oil and Gas?

Top 3 Polymer Materials for Medical Implants

Understanding the Glass Transition Temperature of Polymers

4 Key Benefits of PTFE Energized Seals for the Aerospace Industry

Thermal Analysis Techniques for Polymers, Part 2:  DSC, TGA, EGA

Thermal Analysis Techniques for Polymers, Part 1:  DTA, TMA, and DMA

Importance of Spring Energizer Design in Cryogenic Sealing

The 3 Most Popular Spring Energized Seals Materials for Cryogenic Sealing Applications

Types of Polymer Seals and Materials for the Medical Industry

Key Advantages of PTFE for Bellows

Beginner’s Guide to Polymers and DMA

ASTM Testing of Plastics: Defining Test Procedures - Part 2

ASTM Testing of Plastics: Defining Test Procedures - Part 1

PTFE Shaft Seals: Meeting the Challenges of High Speed Applications

Prototype to Production:  3D Printing of Bearings

Extreme Polymers: PEEK

5 Key Performance Factors for Selecting Polymer Bushings

20 Questions to Ask When Pinpointing the Best Polymer Seal Material for Your Application

Extreme Polymers: Polyimide

Extreme Polymers: PBI

The Seven Sides of PTFE (or, why PTFE is way cooler than most realize) by Poly Fluoro

Ball Valve Seals - 6 Key Materials You Should Know About

Amorphous vs. Semi-Crystalline Polymers

Guide to Selecting a Polymer Bushing

The Differences Between Thermoplastics and Thermosets

5 Recommended Materials for Seal and Bearing Applications in Food Processing

Famous Seal Disasters in History: Space Shuttle Challenger

Cryogenic Seals for LNG Marine Loading Arms

Guidelines for Machining PEEK, PAI and Other Advanced Polymers

3 Key Challenges in Machining Plastics

Relieving Stress in Plastic Materials

How to Select the Best PTFE Shaft Sealing Lip Materials and Matching Hardware

Selecting the Appropriate Mating Hardware for PTFE Shaft Seals

Polymer Bushings: Injection Molded vs. Machined

Uses of PEEK within the Reciprocating Compressor Industry

The Five Most Popular Materials for Polymer Bushings and the Strengths of Each

Fillers and Additives to Enhance the Tribological Properties of PTFE

Fillers and Additives for Enhancing Mechanical Properties of PTFE

Factors That Influence Polymer Bushing Performance: Self-Lubricating and Non-Lubricated - Part 3 in a 3 Part Series

Factors That Influence Polymer Bushing Performance:  Speed and Pressure - Part 2 in a 3 Part Series

Factors that Influence Polymer Bushing Performance: Mating Hardware - Part 1 in a 3 Part Series

Cryogenic Seals for LNG Applications

Custom Spring Energized PTFE Seals for Medical Devices

A Short Guide to Seals and Shelf-Life

What Engineers Should Know About Polymer Seals and Outgassing

Beginner’s Guide to PTFE and PEEK Backup Rings

3 Hints for Selecting a Radial Shaft Seal for a Bearing

Most Common Causes of Polymer Seal Failure

Polymer Seal Applications in the Oil Fields

7 Reasons You Should Look at PTFE Bushings for High Speed, High Temperature Applications

6 Key Reasons PEEK Works Well for High Performance Bushings

PTFE Seals for Extreme Temperatures

Selecting the Right PTFE Filler for Your Application

Factors Influencing PTFE Seal Behavior: Dimensional Effects - Part 3 in a 3 Part Series

Factors Influencing PTFE Seal Behavior: The PV Limit - Part 2 in a 3 Part Series

Factors Influencing PTFE Seal Behavior: The Mating Surface - Part 1 in a 3 Part Series

5 Reasons Why PTFE Seals are an Excellent Choice for Automotive Applications

Critical Factors: Reverse Engineering Polymer Seals, Bellows, Diaphragms, & Bearings

Why Nylon Bushings are a Good Choice for the Bicycle Industry

Polymer Rear Hub Bushings: Wear Resistant Self-Lubricating Bushings for the Bicycle Industry

Fluorolon Polymer Materials for Off-Road Bikes:  Carbon Fiber Reinforced PPS

4 Reasons: PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals for Low Friction High Speed Applications

3 Reasons You Should Consider PEEK for High Pressure Polymer Seals

Fluid Media and PTFE Spring-Energized Seal Performance

Cheat Sheet on Surface Finishes and PTFE Spring-Energized Seals

Why use a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) instead of Rubber in a Rotary Shaft Seal?

Engineer's Choice for Low-cost High-volume Polymer Bushings?

Review of PV for Plain Polymer Bearings

Four Most Popular Rotary Shaft Seals Material Options and How They Compare

PTFE and Modified PTFE Bellows:  What’s the Difference?

Tribological Properties for PEEK: Bushing and Bearing Applications

Bushings:  Nylon 6, Nylon 66, and Self-lubricating Nylon

PTFE Energized Seals with PEEK Back-up Ring: Match Made in Heaven for High Pressure Applications

PTFE Spring-Energized Cryogenic Seals Revisited

Polymeric Seals for Wind Turbines in Rigorous Conditions

3 Challenges of Spring-Energized PTFE & UHMW Seals in Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

PTFE & UHMW PE Seals: 3 Benefits for Food & Dairy Industry

PTFE and UHMW Choice for Non-stick Bearings and Bushings in Food & Dairy Industry

3 High Performance Polymers for Wear Component Applications

Four Reasons Molded Plastic is Replacing Powdered Metal in Bushings and Thrust Washers

Six Things You Need to Know About Torlon Labyrinth Seals

Labyrinth Seal for a Reciprocating Compressor Selection Process: Four Key Thermal Properties

Busy Engineer’s Lightning Fast Introduction to Labyrinth Compressors

Four Fast Facts about Molded Nylon Bushings

For Dummies:  5 Questions and Answers about Polymer Bellows

Five Ways that PTFE Rotary Seals Differ from ElastomericSeals

Out of Whack: Eccentricity and Runout in PTFE Rotary Seals

Rotary Seals for Dummies: Four Questions about Shaft Surfaces for PTFE Rotary Seals

Take A Peek: Maximizing Efficiency in Oil and Gas with PEEK

Take a PEEK: Oil and Gas Industry New Sources

Take a Peek: Environmental Impact of PEEK in Oil & Gas

Polymer Seals: Key to Wind Turbine Bearing Life Extension 

Polymer Seals for Wind Energy Applications 101

Dummy’s Guide to Cryogenic Loading Arm Seals

Polymer Sacrifice: Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK as a Wear Component Material

Dummy’s Guide to Composite Materials for Wear Components

Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Polymer Wear Components in Pumps

Bearing Basics: Just “Plane” Confusing

Six Kinds of Polymer Jacket Materials for Spring-Energized Seals

Five Energizers for PTFE Spring-Energized Seals

Polymer Rolling Element Bearings: Deep Groove Ball Bearings

What is a Rolling Element Bearing?

Polymer Bushings Taking a Beating: Two Important Concepts behind the Wear and Tear

Bearing Basics: Facts Your Boss Hopes You Know about “Plain Polymer Bearings”

Breakout Torque for Ball Bearings

PFA and TFM–to PTFE as Excellent Material Choice for Bellows and Diaphragms

4 Ball Bearing Facts You Should Know

No More Beating around the Bushing

Selecting the Precise Polymer Bushing

Polymer Labyrinth Seals -7 Questions and Answers You Should Know!

Ultimate Qualitative Cheat Sheet for Polymer Bushing Life Expectancy

Ball Valve Seals - 6 Key Materials You Should Know About

Ball Valve Seats - 9 Significant Purchasing Options

Abradable Polymer Labyrinth Seals -5 Fascinating Facts about Modified PTFE

7 Questions and Answers about Polymer Labyrinth Seals You Should Know

3 Key Factors For Spring-Energized PTFE Seals as First Choice in Oil & Gas Industry

PTFE Rotary Lip Seals - 6 Feature Competitors Don’t Want You to Know!

7 Things about PTFE Bellows You Need to Know

Using PTFE and UHMW to Solve Big Problems in Food And Dairy Industry

Food and Dairy Applications: 10 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Polymer Bushings

PTFE: A Sticky Situation for the Gecko

3 Things About "Self-Lubricating Bearings" Your Boss Might Want To Know

Which is Superior for a PTFE Rotary Shaft Seal: A Metal Case or a Non-Metal Case?

6 Things You Should Know about Cryogenic Seals

Why We Love Spring-Energized PTFE Seals (And You Should, Too!)

Five Fascinating Characteristics of PEEK as a Bearing Material

5 Top Reasons Why PEEK is Popular Choice for Seals

5 Key Blows for Polyetheretherketone PEEK Plastic VS. Metal

What is PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) …a flash of genius or a lucky accident for mankind?

Our Advanced Polymer Seals Can Meet the Most Demanding Applications

Noted Plastic Flange Bushing Maker Presents Line of Polymer Products

High Quality PTFE and Polymer Seals for the Oil and Gas Industry

Bear the Wear and Tear with Versatile, Durable Plastic Flange Bushing

Keeping Connections Leak-Proof and Secure with Durable Polymer Seals

Replacing Components Like Plastic Flange Bushing & Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Manufacturers of Non-Hazardous Polymer Seals Say EPA wants to Phase Out PFOA by 2015

Teflon PTFE Seals for Static and Dynamic Sealing

Sealing Solutions for Aerospace Industry – An Overview

How Should an OEM Go About Purchasing Equipment? (3 Strategic Methods)

How an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Can Sustain Quality of Production and Operations?

Polymer Bearing and Bushing Applications

Advanced EMC – Offering High PV Grades, FDA Compliant PTFE Seals

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