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Factors that Influence Polymer Bushing Performance: Mating Hardware - Part 1 in a 3 Part Series

Posted On August 26, 2016

The mating hardware can make or break the life and effectiveness of a polymer bushing.  

The key characteristics of the mating hardware that affect bushing life are the hardness and the surface finish. In this article we are going to discuss the general guidelines for surface roughness, finish, and hardness when using polymer bushings.

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Fluorolon Polymer Materials for Off-Road Bikes:  Carbon Fiber Reinforced PPS

Posted On April 29, 2016

PPS Bushings

There are a variety of bushings in your typical off-road bicycle, from the rear derailleurs to free wheeling hubs.  These types of bikes require bushings that can handle a demanding, intense, unpredictable environment.  There are a variety of materials to choose from, and in this article we are going to look at carbon fiber reinforced PPS material..


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Bushings:  Nylon 6, Nylon 66, and Self-lubricating Nylon

Posted On February 12, 2016

Nylon Bushing Differences:

 Ever wonder what the difference is between Nylon 6 and Nylon 66?  What about Nylon MDS?  In this article, we are going to explore the difference between the types of nylon commonly used in bushings, and how that affects their potential applications.


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PTFE and UHMW Choice for Non-stick Bearings and Bushings in Food & Dairy Industry

Posted On December 31, 2015

Food & Dairy Bearings and Bushings:

Bearings and bushings can be found in almost every step in food or dairy processing industriesPolymers are a popular choice for bearings and bushings in the food and dairy industry, both at the design stage and when retrofitting.  Because they are greaseless, the can provide a more sanitary environment for food processing.  They don’t require the maintenance that metal bearings and bushings require, thus reducing downtime for maintenance.  Their durability results in longer mean times to failure.  They are usually much more resistant to corrosion and much less chemically reactive than metal bearings and bushings.  They also weight much less than equivalent metal bearings and bushings.

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