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Polymer Sacrifice: Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK as a Wear Component Material

Posted On August 26, 2015

Metal Wear Component Replacement


In this article we are going to look at another fiber-reinforced polymer material that is being used to replace metal wear components in pump applications:  PEEK + carbon fibers.



For further investigation into polymer wear components check out these Advanced EMC Technologies Blog articles:

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How Should an OEM Go About Purchasing Equipment? (3 Strategic Methods)

Posted On July 23, 2013

Procurement of top quality components is vital for an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) working in industries like oil and gas, analytical, medical device, aerospace, defense, alternative energy, transport, fluid and air handling, etc.  It is a matter of "doing your homework" on advanced technologies of components from a manufacturer that is leading-edge in engineering design, technology, and practical application. 



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