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Why PTFE Works Well for Hydraulic Linear Seals

Posted On May 26, 2017

PTFE is commonly used for hydraulic liner seals in just about every industry that uses them.  From guide rings to chevron sets, PTFE hydraulic linear seals have a reputation for durability and excellent tribological performance.  

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How to Select the Best PTFE Shaft Sealing Lip Materials and Matching Hardware

Posted On October 20, 2016

PTFE works very well for rotary shaft seals, but keep in mind that PTFE is available with various fillers that can enhance key properties for your application.  In this blog post, we are going to talk about fillers for dynamic PTFE seals and what hardware is most appropriate for that filler.

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Custom Spring Energized PTFE Seals for Medical Devices

Posted On August 17, 2016

The medical device industry faces continually evolving challenges when it comes to finding the right
sealing solutions for new and improved designs. Issues such as sterilization, wide ranges of expected
pressure, potentially aggressive environments, and FDA and USP approval make the design and
specification process quite challenging. In this article, we are going to look at custom spring energized PTFE seals as a potential solution for sealing challenges in the medical industry.

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Posted in: PTFE Seals, Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry, PTFE Spring-Energized Seals

A Short Guide to Seals and Shelf-Life

Posted On August 12, 2016

Many items have a limited shelf-life, from dairy products to medications to … seals?

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Posted in: PTFE Seals, PEEK, Seal Shelf Life

Polymer Seal Applications in the Oil Fields

Posted On July 22, 2016

The oil industry is rough on seals as companies are forced to drill deeper where the reserves themselves are at high temperatures and pressures in an unforgiving, aggressive chemical environment. What makes sealing solutions in these kinds of applications so challenging is how exposure to heat and chemicals can affect the long-term performance of a seal.

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PTFE Seals for Extreme Temperatures

Posted On July 07, 2016

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, tradename Teflon) is a polymer material commonly used in sealing applications that offers unparalleled stability and sealing characteristics across an extremely wide range of temperatures, as shown in the table below.

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Posted in: Cryogenic Seals, PTFE Seals

Selecting the Right PTFE Filler for Your Application

Posted On July 03, 2016

Virgin PTFE has good properties, but they may not be good enough for demanding applications involving low creep, high compressive strength, and excellent wear properties. There are a variety of fillers that can be added to PTFE to solve those problems, however.

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Factors Influencing PTFE Seal Behavior: Dimensional Effects - Part 3 in a 3 Part Series

Posted On June 25, 2016

In this post, the third in a series on factors influencing PTFE seal behavior, we are going to look at
dimensional effects on PTFE rotary seal behavior. We will be focusing on industry standard
recommendations for radial clearance and shaft/bore tolerances.

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Factors Influencing PTFE Seal Behavior: The PV Limit - Part 2 in a 3 Part Series

Posted On June 17, 2016

The performance of a dynamic PTFE seal depends greatly on the pressure and shaft velocity involved. In reality, a seal is in contact with only a small area of rotating shaft, which means that the dynamic forces and energy are going to be concentrated there. Much of the energy that comes from the shaft is going to be dissipated in two forms: wear and frictional heat, both of which can reduce the useful life of a seal. An increase in the force that holds the seal lip against the shaft or an increase in the speed of the shaft makes the effects of wear and heat even worse.

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Posted in: Polymer Seals, PTFE Seals, Spring-Energized Seals, PTFE Spring-Energized Seals

Factors Influencing PTFE Seal Behavior: The Mating Surface - Part 1 in a 3 Part Series

Posted On June 11, 2016

The useful life of a PTFE seal is heavily influenced by the surface over which the seal slides or rotates. This includes both the material choice, surface finish, and hardness of the mating surface. In this article, we will look at how the mating surface influences the life and behavior of a PTFE seal and how to account for that effect during the design process.

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Posted in: PTFE Seals, PTFE Spring-Energized Seals

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