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Breakout Torque for Ball Bearings

Posted On July 16, 2015

What Is Breakout Torque?

Breakout torque (also known as break out torque or break-out torque) refers to the amount of torque required to initiate relative rotation between a rotary shaft and a seal or bearing, and plays a key role in systems that involve oscillatory movement.  Breakout torque is a function of both the inertia of the mechanisms involved and static friction.  In ball bearings, you will often see it referred to as the starting torque, and there it refers specifically to the amount of torque required to start the rotation of one ring of the bearing.

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No More Beating around the Bushing

Posted On June 30, 2015

Many young engineers may wonder exactly what the difference is between a bearing and a bushing, and some may be too embarrassed to ask.  In this post, we are going to track down the difference.

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