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What is a Rolling Element Bearing?

Posted On July 28, 2015

Anatomy of a Rolling Element Bearing

A rolling element bearing (which is a type of anti-friction bearing) involves the motion of two surfaces separated either by rollers or balls (the rolling elements) whose primary purpose is to reduce friction.  The typical rolling element bearing will consist of

(a) an inner race,
(b) an outer race (which together form the raceway),
(c) the rolling elements between them, and
(d) usually some type of cage (also known as a separator or retainer) to hold the rolling elements in place and prevent them from contacting each other. 

The only kind of rolling element bearing that does not have a cage is a called a full complement bearing.  The inner and outer race will have a groove in them, in which the rolling elements rest.  

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Bearing Basics: Facts Your Boss Hopes You Know about “Plain Polymer Bearings”

Posted On July 23, 2015

Plain Polymer Bearings

In this article, we are going to look at the different types of “plain” (or “plane”) polymer bearings.  Both spellings are correct, it’s only a matter of blogger preference.   “Plain polymer bearings” is preferred for this article.  Recall that the purpose of bearings in general is to:

  • support shafts,
  • reduce the friction between contacting surfaces,
  • and to constrain motion along one or more axes
There are different ways to classify plain bearings, and in this article we will look at one possible means of classification:  sleeved, flanged, and thrust bearings.   

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