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3 Challenges of Spring-Energized PTFE & UHMW Seals in Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted On January 15, 2016

The PTFE & UHMW Challenge

The medical and pharmaceutical industries face tough challenges when it comes to sealing solutions.  In this article, we are going to talk about how spring-energized PTFE and UHMW seals can help with three of those challenges.


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PTFE & UHMW PE Seals: 3 Benefits for Food & Dairy Industry

Posted On January 08, 2016

Extremely Efficient Sealing System

Spring-energized seals are an effective sealing solution for both dynamic and static applications.  The sealing element itself achieves a seal at low pressures, and when pressures increases the seal is made tighter as the spring engages. The spring also compensates both for eccentricity and wear on the seal jacket, and increases the natural resilience of the seal jacket.   This results in an extremely efficient sealing system.

When PTFE and UHMW materials are used for the seal jacket, you have a spring-energized seal that performs with distinction under high pressures, in extreme temperatures, has ultra low friction, and is quite chemically inert.  So what does the mean for the food and dairy industry?

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For Dummies:  5 Questions and Answers about Polymer Bellows

Posted On November 06, 2015

What are bellows used for?

One of the primary uses of bellows is to absorb dimensional changes due to thermal effects, which is very useful when used high temperature flows such as steam.  Bellows also serve to dampen vibration in the system caused by rotating components, protect sensitive and brittle processing equipment, and to absorb shock loadings



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Take a Peek: Environmental Impact of PEEK in Oil & Gas

Posted On September 23, 2015

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) Contribution

There are three major priorities in the oil and gas industry today:

  1. minimizing environmental impact,
  2. finding new sources for depleting oil and gas resources, and
  3. maximizing efficiency. 

This is the first in a series of three articles discussing how PEEK (polyether ether ketone) contributes to meeting the modern goals of the oil and gas industry.  In this article, we will focus on how PEEK can be used to minimize the environmental impact.

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Six Kinds of Polymer Jacket Materials for Spring-Energized Seals

Posted On August 04, 2015

Spring-Energized Seals Jacketing Material



When selecting a jacketing material for a spring-energized seal, engineers look at the

  • operating temperature,
  • pressure (including whether or not it is static or cyclic),
  • dynamic conditions,
  • media involved,
  • amount of seal squeeze,
  • and the geometry involved
In this article, we are going to look at some of the options out there for a polymer jacketing material.


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Using PTFE and UHMW to Solve Big Problems in Food And Dairy Industry

Posted On April 27, 2015

Polymer Seals for Food & Dairy – PTFE and UHMW

Big challenges faced in the Food and Dairy Industry

There are several major issues faced in the food and dairy industry, including:

  • Temperature conditions that range from extremely high to cryogenic
  • Contamination
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Excessive moisture
  • Corrosion
  • Continuous sanitation regimens
  • Regulations
  • Expensive shutdowns

In these industries, simple thinks like lubrication of seals and bearings become major issues because of potential contamination.  Potential contaminants in the food and dairy industry are varied, ranging from lubricants, antimicrobial barrier fluids, insects, splinters of plastic or metal, to coolants. Even contamination at the microbial level can lead to very expensive recalls. 

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Food and Dairy Applications: 10 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Polymer Bushings

Posted On April 14, 2015

In the food and dairy business, failure to meet both national (and international) standards can quickly destroy an otherwise successful company.  It is vital that the equipment be not only reliable but compliant with governmental regulations.  More and more engineers are turning to polymer options in the design and implementation of food and dairy processing equipment.  This post will focus on why polymers are an outstanding option for a specific aspect of machinery used in these industries:  bushings.

Why are polymer bushings a good choice?

Here is another blog post feom Advanced EMC Technologies on Polymer Bushings:

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