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Polymeric Seals for Wind Turbines in Rigorous Conditions

Posted On January 22, 2016

Wind Turbine Seal Challenge

Because of the wide variation in where wind turbines are located, seals are expected to operate under temperatures between -40°F in the Artic to 140°F as a maximum standard operating temperature.  Wind turbines are exposed to UV and ozone, vibration, and high stresses.  Wind turbine parts are expected to last for twenty years – a considerable challenge for such rigorous conditions, but a challenge that is being met.  One area where these issues are being addressed is in the design and retrofitting of seals.

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Polymer Seals: Key to Wind Turbine Bearing Life Extension 

Posted On September 18, 2015

Wind Turbine Bearing Failure

One of the major areas of failure in wind turbines involves contaminants damaging the bearings, which in turn compromises the performance of other components, results in less efficiency, and the potential for catastrophic failure.  When you consider the outdoor, uncontrolled environments that wind turbines operate in, it’s easy to see why seals are the first line of defense for bearings.

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Polymer Seals for Wind Energy Applications 101

Posted On September 15, 2015

Wind Energy Seals

A wind turbine may have up to 5,000 separate components, and some of the most important components are the seals.  In this article we are going to look at wind turbine seals, including polymeric seals, and how they are chosen.

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